Vista for a taste of Oaxaca

The story started with 2008, my coworker Bonfilio, an Oaxaca born man who believed his hometown cuisine is the best of Mexican food. He lives in Vista and have tasted all of the restaurants near by that offered Oaxaca dishes. After all, Panaderia Oaxaquena Y Restaurant is his favorite, and it is for a very Authentic reason: their source of dishes imports directly from Oaxaca to keep the tradition taste.

Panaderia Oaxacaqueña Y Restaurant

Dishes we ordered are classic:

  • Tlayuda con Mole w/ Chorizo
    • Critic: Holy Mole! You can’t have more earthy delicious food then Tlayuda, its main ingredient is mole: roasted chili peppers and coco bean powder created an awesome mix that is mouth watering, sweet with hint of chocolate bitter. When combine with sweet Oaxaca string cheese, crispy thin corn tortilla, and spiced Chorizo, the complex yet simple earthy taste will overwhelm your mind and remind yourself the insane creativity of ancient native Mexican they have. 
  • Empanadas with Chicken
    • Critic: This dish originated from Spain, Oaxacan loves it have learn to use what they have locally represent nicely with their own style: a huge soft corn tortilla wrapped with chicken and juicy Mole Amarillo in Quesadilla style. Unlike other Mexican dish you had that always aims for spicy and pack of explosive flavors, this is a very mild dish with satisfying savory taste. 
  • Tamal Oaxaqueno de Mole con Pollo. 
    • Critic: I do not have proper words to describe how good is this Oaxaca  Tamales. I have never taste food that was prepared in a such simple and old fashion way that taste …… simply too good to describe! Check how they made it in video below and you might have the same feeling as me:

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