Vista for a taste of Oaxaca

The story started with 2008, my coworker Bonfilio, an Oaxaca born man who believed his hometown cuisine is the best of Mexican food. He lives in Vista and have tasted all of the restaurants near by that offered Oaxaca dishes. After all, Panaderia Oaxaquena Y Restaurant is his favorite, and it is for a very… Continue reading Vista for a taste of Oaxaca


Taco Journey in Mexicali

February 4th, the date I have finally decided to try a Taco¬†adventure to a Mexican city I have never been to: Mexicali. The journey starts at 7AM, El Central. Alain and his Father have prepared me an expected journey to what I have expected to be the best tacos in Baja California. Forty minute drive… Continue reading Taco Journey in Mexicali